A man beaten to nearly death after being busted with another man’s wife in action!

A 29-year-old man is nursing life threatening injuries at a city hospital, after he was found in a compromising situation with another man’s wife.

The man only identified as Kangechu and the woman were having a good time, when the man of the house busted them in his bedroom at around 4am. Before Kangechu knew what was happening, he was stabbed several times by the man whom he later learnt was the woman’s husband.

A shocked Kangechu who lives in Joska recounted how he met the woman at barizi bar in Donholm at around 9pm, where they enjoyed several rounds of drinks celebrating their newfound friendship. As one thing led to the other, they agreed to crown the night in the woman’s house.

But as they relished the moment at around 4am, the man of the house suddenly returned from a trip he had taken to Murang’a, only to be confronted by a strange pair of shoes at the entrance to his house. On his way to his bedroom, he collected a strange wallet and a pair of trousers, further confirming his fears that there was an unwelcome visitor in his territory.

What followed was a confrontation that turned ugly, leaving Kangechu in serious condition after being stabbed severally. The woman also suffered slight injuries on her fingers, as she tried to prevail upon her knife wielding husband to give dialogue a chance.

Police officers from Savannah police post responded to distress calls from neighbours and saved Kangechu who was bleeding profusely, from the wrath of the angry man. They rushed him to a city hospital where he is admitted in serious condition.

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