Why you can still be pregnant even after menopause!

Unlike men, women have an age limit where after that, they are not supposed to get pregnant or in layman’s language their eggs get finished.

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Biologically, women are supposed to stop getting pregnant at the age of forty five (45) but studies has it that, some women go up to the age of 55years.

Let’s take an example of case where a certain lady called Mama Debra made a call on a live television session on NTV hosted by Gladys Gachanja and explained that she is sick and tired of getting pregnant, ten years after reaching menopause.

“I am way over 54 and still not experiencing menopause … I am so fed up,” Mama Debra (on phone) lamented.

The lady was lucky as she opened a session of discussion on the matter and lucky enough was that, Gladys had brought in a doctor on the panel.

“How come there is a group of women that go into menopause very early while others take way too long like mama Debra?,” Gladys Gachanja asked the doctor.

“So population studies have that, You take a group of women over time and see eeh, so say like a thousand women eeh.., some get into menopause at 40, others at 45 and some even at 55.

“So menopause is a range, it’s a wide range. They say in the west that the average for menopause is 51.1 years. So what does average mean, It means that there could be some like Mama Debra who can get it at 55, and others at 45,” the doctor explained.

“In Africa we need to do more studies to determine when African women reach menopause,” the doctor added.

So you see, you can still get pregnant even at the age of 55, which can be a very good thing to some women especially if you were unable to conceive at your younger age.

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