Revealed; Why Dp Ruto demands the release of his heckling crew during his tour in kisii!

Deputy president William Ruto has called the release of youth who were arrested for causing mayhem and heckling at his rally in kisii county on Wednesday 8th 2021.

Through his official facebook page, DP Ruto pointed out that the youth are victims of circumstances and they should be released with immediate effect.

Adding that the youth are merely pawns in the political game hence should be spared from prosecution over their acts and the main sponsors are the one to be charged.

“We tell the law enforcers that as long as they are not going to charge the sponsors of these primitive activities, the young people should be spared from the unnecessary harassment and prosecution. Release the youth,” he stated.

The second in command further urged the youth to avoid divisive activities that are aimed to set them up for blame games and sanctions.

Dp Ruto, however, accused a section of politicians (whom he did not name) to be the main sponsors and involving youths in negative succession politics instead of prioritizing theor political agendas.

β€œIt is no surprise that those driving exclusive top-down model of governance find no place for youth, except to deploy them on retrogressive errands as witnessed in some of our meetings including today’s successful tour of Kisii County,” he said. More

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