Ngunjiri exposes why Ruto will never choose a running mate from mt.kenya region!

Nyeri member of parliament Ngunjiri wambugu has taken a swipe on the UDA members especially their master, Deputy president William Ruto for trying so hard to fit in mt.kenya region.

Through his social media page, the legislator pointed out that Ruto will not have a DP from Mt.kenya,saying that in the tanga tanga faction team, no one has the capacity to deputies him.

“The DP is working very hard to become the Mt Kenya ‘Kingpin’. This way he will present himself as the person holding the interests and aspirations of the Mt Kenya people.

“The DP’s Mt Kenya allies depend on him for the votes they will get; while he doesn’t need them to get votes from Mt Kenya. No one around him has the capacity to bring Ruto a new vote. The votes Ruto has in Mt Kenya he has gotten for himself. Why would he give the powerful DP position to someone who doesn’t add any votes to his 2022 bid?

“The DP’s propaganda-ists are aggressively pushing the ‘no-tribe’ agenda. Kenya’s politics is tribal. Even God recognises that people organise in communities to get power.

“Ruto’s objective in the ‘no-tribe’ mantra that drives the hustler nation is primarily to hoodwink Mt Kenya to accept to support him without looking at who ‘of their own’ is in his government. Si we are all Kenyans?

“For all his faults the DP is a brilliant political animal. He knows he can’t sell a Kalenjin / Kikuyu ticket in 2022, to the rest of Kenya. He will not.” Wambugu posted on his social media page.More

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