“How my hairy chest, face made me pray for a mistake baby to prove I want barren” Evelyn!

Evelyn Wangila, a Kenyan lady with unique physical futures who is popularly known for being hairy, narrates how she first notices the strange changes on her body while a teenager.

She recalls that at first she saw a white hair that had grown on her belly, which she was excited about it, but as the time goes the hair started multiplying and decide to shave it, according to her, that’s when the real problem came in.

She further narrated that, at one time while taking a shower in school, she noticed something was Miss when she and other fgirls were undressing she noticed other girls’s pupic hair were not overgrown like her own.

“I took a glance at my fellow schoolmates and noticed their hair was not past the pubic part so I decided to shave”.She said.

Later after fees weeks according to her, she noticed a strand of beard growing and she started plucking it out, sadly the more she plucked it or shave the more they grew.

“The reason I used to shave was because I would think to myself that I was not normal and that I was barren.

“Back in form 2, a beard appeared on my face and I plucked it, later on 3 of them appeared, I plucked them, after that they started growing lots of them and I decided to shave using a razor blade and after that they now grew in bunches.

Although she says she never bullied at school but people would look at her on a stranhe manner something that hurt her emotionaly

“I was not bullied but I would see people looking at me strangely. That would scare me and I would imagine that they are thinking to themselves ‘what is this?, and after taking a shower back in high school girls would look at me and start whispering among themselves and that would hurt me.

“During my first encounter with the father of my child I was dressed in an outfit that was not revealing my chest and I kept on shaving and I was so clean so the first times he did not notice anything weird until they began growing and he would stare at me without saying a word but he has never had a problem with that and we are together to date. I stopped shaving in 2020 after I delivered my beautiful baby.”

“Back in 2017, my fear of barrenness made me pray to God to bless me with a child even out of wedlock and ‘by mistake’.

” I did not care about being ready to provide for her but all I wanted was for God to bless me with a child. Which he did and fortunately he gave me a present father to my child.” she narrated. More

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