Should DP.Ruto resign?

Ruto knows well he’s unwanted should he resign? Look at this….

Kibaki one day Appointed the late Orwa Ojode as the minister of Forest and wild life. In Kenya, as long as you are a Minister, you are feared and you become an instant millionaire.

Instead of thanking president Kibaki for the appointment let me quote the late Ojode. “I am not desperate to be a minister of anything in this Country, I am a luo, learned and with my pride, I therefore turn down the Kibaki offer, he has many jobless friends who are desperate to be in government even as cleaners, Let him appoint them.

I cant be a minister of forest and wild life forgive me, I have no time to put on gumboots all the time”.

Everyone was surprised, the next day Kibaki appointed him as the assistant minister of Internal security and he took the offer terming it a respectable position than forest and wildlife nonsense.

As a deputy President, most functions of Ruto have been moved to Matiang’i, Ruto’s interest in this jubilee government are no longer being served.

In politics, when your interests are no longer being served, u should quit. When Joseph Murumbi felt unwanted he resigned as a vice president

Oginga Odinga was not sacked from the government, when Jomo Kenyatta moved some of his functions to other ministries, he resigned and left the government to form his own party.

What is Ruto afraid of? Is he a coward? Why cant he resign? Uhuru no longer needs him…

Politics is dirty game.

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