We should impeach and arrest Deputy president, Kamanda says.

Despite the betrayal from his co leaders he has decided to remain silent, for the peace to rain

He has been silence,he does not want his loved people to fight over small issues.

But maina Kamanda has come out with fresh details, saying Ruto is planning to to go an exile in south sudan through turkana border

Former starehe member of parliament, has clearly said, Ruto should be arrested so the people of Kenya can recover the lost money and lands before he goes to an exile.

As a jubilee party law maker, Dp president silence means has given up on his presidential bid come 2022.

He added”Sisi watu wa mlima Kenya tuko tayari kumuondoa Naib Rais na ifikapo mwezi ujao tutamngoa kisha atiwe mbaroni.

Rift valley iko na Gideon Moi. Central na Indeed Kenya yote iko chini ya Mweshimiwa Rais Uhuru Kenyatta na Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.”

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