An Mpesa lady Kills daughter and commits suicide after she was conned 120K

Mwingi residents on Sunday evening were shocked after an mpesa attendant ended her life after killing daughter.

According to her suicide note, Rose Joseph Kamba decided enough is enough, after she had an argument with her uncle. The note stated that, Rose had been conned 120,000sh, the money that belonged to her uncle’s mpesa business.

Rose had been employed by her uncle in an Mpesa shop, and it’s there that she was conned the amount. After explaining to her uncle what had happened, the uncle accused her of stealing the money.

Miss Rose ended her life after killing her two months old daughter . Her body was discovered in her uncle’s two bedroom house, dazzling on the ceiling and her daughter’s body was lying on the bed, with fresh blood oozing from her mouth and ears.

The incident was confirmed by Mwingi Central Sub-county Police Commander Mutuma. May her soul rest in Peace. more

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