Shocking Confession: I slept with countless number of gay Parish Priests.

As the world is in discussion of whether or not to legalize the universal rights of gay community, today we bring you a shocking confession of a man from West Africa, Nigeria.

This confession will blow your mind and you might change on how you view Parish Priests. Not all parish priests are bad, but others are better outside the church than in the parish.

Adafe Oporo was once a preacher, he could lead a prayer session in a church with over 200 Christians. But according to him,he knew that something was wrong.

“I could sleep with some Men from the congregation and i was enjoying it. Nothing could stop me from doing what my body desired.” Said Adafe.

Adafe: ” I have Even slept with countless number of Parish priests. They all wanted to have me because they were all gay”

Now my question is, Do you know your clergy men well? Some preacher looks so good when standing on the alter, but inside……

Nowadays, the best church is in your heart. What do you think about yourself? Are you a good christian or a good Muslim? In case the world ends now, will you go to heaven or you belong to the Illuminati and devil worshipers ?

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