Drama as Zari the boss lady,through tantrum to Fabiola who was her co-host at miss Uganda grand finale 2019 competition.

Zari was supposed to announce the top three contestant while Anita Fabiola was on stage as the host of the big event.

things went south when when Fabiola called upon Zari to announce top three but used the name “MAMA” which didn’t go well with Zari the boss lady.

She went on and said to the fans and spectators who were present that, women should not hate one another rather they should support each other,she also gave back fabiola the envelope that was containing the names of the top three miss uganda 2019 contestant,and told her that it was the work of the admin to open the envelope

Anita fabiola remained calm and refused to take back the envelope while apologizing to the boss lady.

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