Reasons Why Esther Arunga Joined Illuminati

The story of Esther Arunga has been trending for years. Her story on how she joined freemasonry has been talked about on mainstream media.

People have never asked the main reason why she took the bold step despite her talent and working for a big media house.

Some years back, Arunga was doing a research on devil worship in Kenya, She went so deep in her research and she almost exposed very critical information about the cults.

Arunga complained that she was being threatened by some of this cults and she was saying that she had Jesus and nothing they could do to her.

Things changed when she met Heron and Quincy Timberlake . She joined a church by the name of “Finger Of God Church”. This church was linked with Illuminati. she went on and decided to marry Mr Quincy Timberlake. Since then, Things changed and she became rude even to her own parent.

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