Diamond platnumz to hold a biggest party in east Africa, welcoming his two kids.

Apparently after talking to Zari Hassan, the two parents have agreed on how they will be co parenting their kids without involving there issues. They have been communicating and after staying apart for 2 years; Diamond will soon be uniting with his little humans!

Its said, they are in good terms now, they talk and the kids always video talk to his kids on daily basis unlike before.

Rumours is about that,diamond platnumz will hold a biggest party in east Africa to welcome his two Angel’s back home after long time .

The party will be aired on wasafi TV and other TV stations.Our informer , said to us, even mama tangote is happy to hear the news and eagerly waiting for tje arrival of her two grandchild and there mother.

Let’s wish the tandale family all the rhe best.

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