Joe Mwangi’s allegations that are tarnishing Wendy Waeni’s image

Joe Mwangi, former Wendy Waeni’s manager strikes hard on the matters concerning the allegations that he conned the young princes.

Wendy Waeni on stage

According to Joe Mwangi, Waeni’s mother is a drunkard, something that the accused woman refused. He said that, he used to send money for Waeni’s school fees but the mother could miss use the money.

Joe threatened to release some information about Waeni that no one else knows about. He even wend ahead and released that conversations and a photo of the young girl talking about “Pekejeng”

The public is asking, ” why should such a grown up man fight with a child?” According to Wendy Waeni’s new manager, Joe mwangi did nothing about changing the life of Waeni and she said that, her work now is to first of all change the life of the family before she can even think about her own commission .

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