How to fix braids perfectly.

Today we are going to learn how to fix braids.

Fixing braids is very easy. Some people have talents of fixing braids or any hair style. Today, am going to highlight some tips that you will use to fix perfect braids.

The first thing is the type of hair. The type of hair of the person that you are fixing the braids for matters a lot. The hair should not be too hard or too soft.

The other thing is patience. Fixing braids can take some hours to finish a whole head,so you need to be patience.

The other very import thing is how you handle the hair in question. The handling of the hair. FIRST take a small part of the hair and separate it into three parts. SECOND . Use your fingers and twist the hair between each other to make something like a rope. Continue doing this until you see that you have done a perfect work.

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